HR Strategy

  • Redundancy, survivor guilt and its long-term effects on your organisation by

    Companies often focus only on those who are retrenched with little or no attention paid to those left behind. However, as Dr Hilary Armstrong writes, research shows that survivors of retrenchments and restructures can exhibit behaviours that result in reduced productivity, low engagement and absenteeism.

  • How to prepare for the 2020 workplace by

    Karie Willyerd writes that organisational leaders need to be acting today if they wish to engage and communicate effectively with the workers of tomorrow. She provides five tips for doing so.

  • Counter offers: Are they worth it? by

    While employers like Facebook, Google and Twitter regularly attempt to outbid competitors by offering million-dollar carrots to retain staff, making a counter offer may not be worth it according to new research.

  • Will 2012 be a year of HR complacency or a year of competitive advantage? by

    Andrew Grant writes that for Australian HR directors, 2012’s biggest worry shouldn’t be the state of global markets, but the outmoded operating models which they base their strategies upon.

  • The three dimensions of redundancy by

    Increased economic volatility has put redundancies back on the agenda and Australian companies need to avoid repeating the mistakes of three years ago, warns Jeremy Nichols.

  • Performance reviews: Scrap them? by

    After performance-reviewing the performance review, some more innovative organisations have decided to do away with the process altogether.

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