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  • Greens introduce bill to enforce flexible work conditions by

    Employer advocacy groups have expressed concerns about a new bill introduced to parliament by the Greens, which if passed, will allow employees the right to complain to Fair Work Australia (FWA) if their request for flexible hours is denied by their employer.

  • Don’t be so 2011: Refresh your online profile by

    LinkedIn has released the most overused words and phrases in members' profiles, and if you are guilty of using some (or all) of the terms in the top 10, you may be unwittingly turning away potential interest in your skills.

  • Time to get past the carrot and the stick by Stephanie Zillman

    The notion that if you pay people more, you’ll get more – more productivity, more engagement, more ROI – is being turned on its head by an increasingly large body of research confirming what some forward thinking leaders have been aware of for years: cash will only get you so far.

  • Bosses across the world seen as poor leaders by

    Employees across the globe feel that their leaders are ineffective, lack empathy and have poor leadership skills, a new global report has found.

  • A case for ditching team bonding days? by Iain Hopkins

    Every year companies spend time and money organising off-site team building days to boost morale and team spirit, but according to engagement experts, by the time team building days come around it may be far too late to rally the troops.

  • Please, don’t take a seat by Iain Hopkins

    A new trend is gaining speed at tech companies and no whinging of tired legs is allowed. Say good-bye to sit-down meetings – short and to the point ‘stand up’ meetings may be taking hold.

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