HR Strategy

  • HR on the red carpet: Film studio seeks HR business partner by

    There comes a time when one makes the decision on what to study at university – and most would say going down the path of HR management doesn’t generally conjure up dreams of working alongside the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

  • Internal fraud on the rise by

    Australian organisations have been advised to take action to reduce the risk of internal fraud, as new research reveals that a growing number of economic crimes are inside jobs.

  • Leadership intelligence isn't just about being smart by

    While having a high IQ is a required attribute, there are many more factors that come into play when choosing the right leaders for a business. Julie Parkinson outlines why.

  • Key competencies of future leaders identified by

    So often a little foresight can go a long way – and now new research has been released which identifies the six key trends that will affect organisations in the coming two decades.

  • How should HR handle the death of an employee? by

    The unfortunate task of delivering hard news to employees often falls to HR, and while death is never an easy subject to deal with, having a protocol in place ensures that the matter will be dealt with appropriately and professionally.

  • Introducing changes to the workplace by

    How many times do you hear of organisations introducing changes (for example new software) only to find that six months down the track employees have developed workarounds, such as basic Excel spreadsheets, in order to get their work done? Tammy Tansley talks about introducing changes to the workplace.

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