HR Strategy

  • Sexualised banter: if it’s unwanted, it’s harassment by Stephanie Zillman

    This potentially grey and dangerous area should be black, white and safe if you’ve got your workplace policies and communication right.

  • Five fast facts for providing constructive feedback by

    It’s something most managers and HR professionals struggle with: providing meaningful and constructive feedback Shaun McCarthy provides his top tips.

  • Get into social media or limit your career potential by Stephanie Zillman

    While inappropriate online activity has been the undoing of countless professionals out there, many more have actually enhanced their careers by careful and strategic use of social media.

  • Don’t risk a PR disaster: Communicate clear policies by

    The well-known annual fundraising event for the Leukemia foundation, World’s Greatest Shave, is an important and worthy cause, but as a Melbourne business found this week, not clearly communicating with staff has sparked a barrage of damaging PR.

  • Improve retention by defining success upfront by

    Employers must upgrade one-dimensional job descriptions and supplement them with detailed competency requirements and a framework for how to succeed in a designated role and function, a workforce solutions leader has said.

  • Invest in getting payroll right, or risk catastrophe by

    It’s never been a particularly attractive profession and business constraints, tighter budgets and a lack of new blood coming into the area have all contributed to the scaling back of payroll as both a business focus and occupational speciality.

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