HR legal questions

  • Employer provided devices: Privacy and ownership by Cameron Edmond

    An employer in the US accessing an employee’s emails has sparked debate over privacy and the ownership of data.

  • The need for employee rehabilitation by Cameron Edmond

    Extended periods of time off work can greatly decrease the chance of individuals ever returning, new research has found. What is HR’s role in this?

  • Redundancy: How to get it right by Cameron Edmond

    Redundancy is a lot harder to get right than most organisations think – are you at risk of adverse action?

  • Made redundant when applying for maternity leave by

    In the latest of many similar cases, a woman has been made redundant after applying for maternity leave. HC investigates the laws surrounding this sensitive issue.

  • Termination post-medical leave: When is it okay? by HCA

    Employers are often unclear how to approach terminating an employee who has returned from prolonged sick leave, but a recent case highlights the best practice.

  • BYOD: How to get it right by Cameron Edmond

    Bring Your Own Device trends may be sweeping the workplace, but many organisations are yet to put effective policies in place to prevent security breaches. How can you ensure your data is secure while still reaping the benefits?

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