General people management

  • The dark side of teleworking by Cameron Edmond

    While touted as the way of the future, teleworking isn’t all productivity and personalised spaces. New research outlines why working from home isn’t right for everyone.

  • Pay increases on the decline by Cameron Edmond

    Working Australians expecting more cash in their pockets are in for disappointment.

  • Car industry job losses: It will affect us all by Cameron Edmond

    The recent crisis culling the automotive industry could cost Australians thousands of jobs, FAPM warns.

  • Cutting down the recruitment process by Iain Hopkins

    Although Skype chats and psychometric tests are all the rage, a shorter recruitment process might be the answer, experts say.

  • Sloshed staff: Employee vices costing billions by Cameron Edmond

    It is no secret that drugs, alcohol and unprofessionalism go hand-in-hand. However, just how bad the situation is might come as a surprise.

  • New social network asks “Why?” by Cameron Edmond

    A new player in the social networking field thinks it has the answer to reconciling the party of Facebook and the professionalism of LinkedIn.

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