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  • Opinion: Focus on people to ease the pain of change management by External

    Many change projects do not meet schedule, budget and quality goals and some of the biggest barriers to success are people factors, including changing mindsets and attitudes corporate culture, lack of senior management support. Leanne Ramsay suggests how companies can handle change more effectively.

  • Opinion: Australia, look to Lee Kuan Yew for lessons in change leadership by External

    Cynthia Stuckey suggests that Australia's C-suite leaders could learn a thing or two from Singapore's late leader, Lee Kuan Yew.

  • Opinion: Is your workforce future-proof? by External

    Why are Australian employers still ignoring the enormous benefits mature age workers can bring to business? Samuel Day delves into the debate recently sparked by the government's Intergenerational Report.

  • Why ANZ’s HR head for global markets uses colouring books by Chloe Taylor

    Several of Australia’s largest corporations have turned to an unorthodox technique in attempts to manage workplace stress – could colouring books for adults benefit your employees?

  • Fit for work? Not likely... by Iain Hopkins

    Following several high profile workplace tragedies over the last couple of years, many business are now taking employee fatigue more seriously. Are your employees really ‘fit for work’?

  • Avoiding the Peter Principle, HR’s #1 foe by External

    “Managers rise to their level of incompetence” - so says the Peter Principle. Is there anything employers can do to avoid their employees falling into this deadly trap? Angus Gill suggest there is - and it's not as difficult as you might think.

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