General people management

  • How do you handle bullying when the victim won't speak out? by Chloe Taylor

    Following the recent suicide of a 17 year old victim of workplace bullying, HC speaks to People + Culture Strategies’ Joydeep Hor, who outlines how to handle suspected bullying if the victim is scared to speak out.

  • Does your workplace need a ‘quiet room’? by Chloe Taylor

    With diversity levels rising in Australian workforces, experts and researchers are discussing the necessity of spaces provided for prayer or quiet reflection.

  • Maximising your employee pool potential by

    When you recognise the “flavour” of the individual employee, and prioritise your time accordingly, you position them for the highest potential for success - for themselves and for the company. Kim Seeling-Smith outlines how to identify and classify the types of his employees.

  • Australian SMBs optimistic about the future by

    Michael Smith outlines what Australia's economic engine room - SMBs - are feeling about the future.

  • How to use annual leave to respond to market conditions by

    As the Christmas period approaches, all organisations should be asking themselves how they can best use annual leave to respond to market conditions faced by their business.

  • There’s no ‘Gen I’ in team by

    A homogenous approach to managing multiple generations at work will simply not be effective, writes Karen Evans. Can you afford to leave it to a one-size fits all approach?

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