General people management

  • Power really does corrupt by Rose Sneyd

    Managers may be more likely to perceive ‘wrongdoing’ in black and white term, so how can you stay more open-minded?

  • Rule out workplace distractions once and for all by Rose Sneyd

    Latest research shows even very short interruptions can ramp up employees’ error rate. How can you reduce mistakes among your workforce?

  • Why your HR department is under threat by HCA

    The threat of cyber crime may seem like something for the IT department to handle – but HR’s online activity is exactly the kind of target in hackers’ sights.

  • Performance appraisals need an overhaul by

    Dreading another year of haphazard and poorly executed performance appraisals? Karen Barker provides her tips for revamping the process.

  • Brace for mass sickies this Friday by Stephanie Zillman

    The sickie is the antithesis of productivity and the enemy of employers around the country. How are you managing the likelihood of sickies this Australia Day weekend?

  • Decline in jobs ads indicate hiring slump by Stephanie Zillman

    Online job ads reach a 3-year low after numbers fell in December for the tenth consecutive month.

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