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  • Combating negative bias in communication by External

    Communicating solely via emails, texts or online communication? What impact is this having on our ability to get unambiguous messages across? Tammy Tansley suggests social neuroscience may provide some insights.

  • Are your staff fit for work? by Rose Sneyd

    University researchers are developing means to judge workers’ readiness to return following devastating natural disasters.

  • Developing a father-friendly workplace by External

    Research suggests work-life conflict is no longer just an issue for women and men are now experiencing higher levels of work-life conflict than before. Fiona Hitchiner outlines the importance of tools that support and recognise the importance of fathers as workers and parents.

  • Recruiter unleashes explosive Twitter rant by Stephanie Zillman

    An Australian recruiter using the twitter handle @exec_hunter this week unleashed a bizarre rant on radio host, writer and comedian Wendy Harmer. After the tweets went viral, the brand damage is immeasurable.

  • At 11am on Monday, US employees are probably hunting for a job by HRM

    Here’s something to add on to the Monday Blues – employees are no longer being discreet about their job hunts, hunting even while on the job, according to new data.

  • Employee dismissed after tweeting conference comments by Iain Hopkins

    In yet another case of social media causing workplace headaches, a US woman has been fired after tweeting comments made a group of men at a computer programming conference.

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