General people management

  • Creating high value productive workplaces by

    Dr Tony van Rensburg suggests it's time to be working to improve productivity by focusing on factors we can influence rather than those we can't.

  • Chucking a sickie doesn’t hurt careers by Stephanie Zillman

    On the eve of the biggest ‘sickie’ day of the year, Melbourne Cup, a new study has found that ‘chucking a sickie’ will not impact an employee’s career progression.

  • Six reasons for dismissing an employee by Miriam Bell

    Sometimes new hires just don’t work out for a company… Here’s a breakdown of the main signs that a new recruit might not be the right fit.

  • Bullying, vilification rife on worksites by HCA

    It’s the type of behaviour that sounds like something out of The Hangover, not a unionised job site.

  • The secret priorities of Aussie workers by Stephanie Zillman

    What’s important to workers around the world varies widely according to the culture and accepted workplace norms – so what makes your international workforce tick?

  • Employee benefit axed by Treasury by Stephanie Zillman

    Without prior consultation with industry, Treasury axed the in-house benefits tax concession in salary packaging – no new agreements can now be entered into.

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