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  • Bosses too threatening for modern employees by HRM

    There are all kinds of management styles, from the kindly or motherly, to the tyrant, but it seems almost half of managers are scaring their employees into under-productivity.

  • Number of women in leadership still lagging by Iain Hopkins

    The number of women entering the top leadership roles in the corporate world is still lagging according to a new report.

  • HR failing the long-term unemployed by Stephanie Zillman

    With the number of long-term unemployed swelling by 80% over the past five years, one group representing non-profit job agencies is calling for a formal federal inquiry.

  • Federal Court decision a win for performance management by Stephanie Zillman

    A recent Federal Court decision has reinforced the sentiment that HR professionals needn’t fear that legitimate performance management will be interpreted as adverse action or bullying by the courts.

  • Why are your poor performers poor performers? by Iain Hopkins

    Most people don’t show up to work to purposely do a bad job – so it’s important for managers to understand the root cause of performance issues.

  • Fair Work Ombudsman signs a MOU with Defence by

    In order to strengthen processes to manage shared workforces and show support for Aussie workers who are Reservists, the Fair Work Ombudsman has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Defence.

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