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  • Flexibility clauses dubbed a “sham” by

    The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has come under fire from industry groups for failing to properly oversee the administration of flexibility clauses in the Fair Work Act. The bottom line is that small and medium-sized businesses need more guidance.

  • Casino sexual harassment case highlights need for communication by

    Revelations of alleged sexual harassment and subsequent cover-ups at Sydney’s Star Casino have come to light after the complex was forced to provide a report to the NSW Casino, Liquor and Gaming Control Authority yesterday into the circumstances behind the dismissal of its managing director, Sid Vaikunta.

  • Looking for trouble by External

    Gary Taylor questions the relevance of the sudden urge to check candidate profiles on social media during the reference checking process

  • Landmark decision means employers must implement pay increase for 150,000 workers by

    Fair Work Australia (FWA) announced yesterday that private-sector employers in the social and community services (SACS) industry will be hit with a wage increase requirement ranging from 19% to 41% to be phased in over the next eight years via the industry modern award.

  • ‘IR laws favour workers over bosses’: RBA board member by

    The current industrial relations landscape weighs too heavily in favour of workers at the expense of employers, and the effect is a reluctance to take on extra employees, a Reserve Bank (RBA) director has said.

  • Silicon Valley firms sued over “no-poaching” pact by

    The world’s biggest tech companies including Google and Apple are being called to account by former employees over alleged “no poaching” deals – an indication of the extreme measures top-tier firms take to retain their key talent.

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