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  • Dismantling WorkChoices was Gillard’s baby; Same fate for Fair Work under Abbott? by

    Gillard’s victory in today’s leadership spill may have settled one leadership question, but as the calls for an early election grow louder amid all-time polling lows for the Labor government, HR is left to deliberate would happen to industrial relations under an Abbott-led collation government?

  • “Make it easier to sack workers”: Vic Premier Baillieu by

    Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu has called on the Fair Work Act review panel to make it easier for employers to sack under-performing workers, and the state government has backed their leader in his calls to reduce the scope for legal action by dismissed employees.

  • Major players warn Fair Work allows “unreasonable demands” by

    Formal submissions to the Fair Work review from some of Australia’s biggest corporations have called for extensive amendments to the federal workplace laws amid growing concerns of industrial relations action and the power of unions.

  • Flexibility opens up untapped talent pool by

    What can HR do when the calibre of talent walking through the door continues to rate below par? Think laterally – don’t get them to walk through the door at all.

  • The workplace of the future is here: Shorten by HCA

    The sheer acceleration of workplace trends that have been at play for the last two decades, such as higher participation rates, more women in the workforce, greater flexibility, and lifelong education and training, mean in many ways the ‘workplace of the future’ is already here.

  • Flexibility clauses dubbed a “sham” by

    The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has come under fire from industry groups for failing to properly oversee the administration of flexibility clauses in the Fair Work Act. The bottom line is that small and medium-sized businesses need more guidance.

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