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  • Ensure no surprises come Sunday: Voluntary wage audits may be for you by

    While state workplace regulators enforce random compulsory wage audits to ensure employers comply with the minimum award requirements, many organisations are now voluntarily submitting to wage audits through the use of contractors to ensure they are in full compliance with pay requirements.

  • IR laws swing in favour of management as Victorian nurses defy federal orders by

    Unprecedented nurse walkouts in Victoria have coincided with an announcement by the New South Wales government that fines for defying orders from the Industrial Relations Commission will increase from $10,000 to $100,000 for the first day of an offence.

  • HR manager embezzled $600k by

    A British former HR manager for a Dubai-based company has been charged and faces serious jail time in the UAE after allegedly embezzling the equivalent of $631,000 while in his post, a court heard this week.

  • New leave calculator launched by Fair Work by

    Fair Work has launched a new leave calculator which will assist employers with calculating annual and personal leave entitlements under the National Employment Standards (NES).

  • WHS checklist: Make sure you are complying with the new codes of practice by

    Even though businesses and individuals who do not comply with the 1 Jan 2012 harmonisations of the new WHS laws face harsh penalties, many businesses are ill-prepared and have not properly addressed the legislative changes.

  • Serve alcohol responsibly or risk liability by

    Mixing alcohol and employees often results in a headache for HR and employers – serving alcohol at work functions can be akin to running a gauntlet because irresponsible service of alcohol can result in a minefield of potential litigation.

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