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  • Radical shake-up of workplace bullying by Stephanie Zillman

    In response to a radical submission put forward by Unions NSW to the federal workplace bullying inquiry , a leading employer advocacy body has claimed that while bullying remains a significant issue, it is being inflated by the unions.

  • Important changes to workers' compensation in NSW by

    After extensive consultation with NSW employers and the receipt of stakeholder submissions, WorkCover has undergone sweeping changes – are you up-to-date with changes that may affect your organisation?

  • Pornography on work computers: One strike and you’re out? by Stephanie Zillman

    It’s an issue which comes up in every HR professional’s career and there’s inevitably an awkward meeting involving a disgraced employee, their manager, the IT administrator, and HR – but do you give them the boot?

  • Dishonesty and erosion of trust solid grounds for dismissal by Stephanie Zillman

    An unfair dismissal claim has been thrown out after Fair Work Australia found that losing trust in an employee is legitimate grounds for termination.

  • Breaches of mutual trust and confidence may result in damages by Stephanie Zillman

    A NSW Supreme Court of Appeal judgment has delivered a landmark decision on implied terms of mutual trust and confidence – potentially the door to damages has been thrust open.

  • Toyota case dropped as legal action unravels by Human Capital

    The legal actions launched by a number of former Toyota workers who were let go in a controversial round of redundancies have dropped their suit – the main wrongdoing seems to be one of poor taste.

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