Why women do it themselves

by 01 May 2007

Why women do it themselves

You’ve heard it before, and the statistics prove it, but why are there so few women in senior executive and board positions?

For the most part it is a mindset and a cultural hangover – women are seen as not being savvy enough, too emotional to make serious decisions or even too committed to family to meet the demands of senior positions. Added to this – workplaces are often inflexible and force women to look for other options.

Sometimes women devalue or underestimate their own knowledge and skills, thinking that such senior roles are out of their reach, or maybe that other priorities in their life won’t allow them to fully commit.

Little wonder that franchising is becoming increasingly alluring to women who seek empowerment, balance and senior decision making responsibility.

Many franchise models are a perfect solution for middle and senior female executives. Rather than accept the limitations, women are exploring their potential and living out their dreams by owning their own businesses.

However, some people forget that women have incredible multi-skilling, multi-tasking, organisational, time and priority management skills as well as being able to think on their feet to make quick decisions, resolve conflicts and show passion and dedication for tasks undertaken.

Women have an innate ability to be able to consider and balance the needs of various areas and people with the same level of empathy and understanding.

Importantly, franchising options allow women to retain the much needed flexibility to enable her to manage and attend to the needs and demands of her family, while at the same time make decision in relation to the future growth of her business.

Many women run highly successful businesses. They lead and manage teams of staff and make their own business decisions.

For these franchisees, empowerment and financial success mean that they are in control of their own destiny.

From the perspective of running an exclusively female business, the women in our particular network are able to better understand the needs of employees and customers meaning they tend to be excellent franchisees generating extremely healthy returns on their business investment.

It is important that women make informed decisions and good choices about the business they go into and ensure appropriate and thorough research is done when choosing which franchise to become involved in.

Franchising also enables them to have a network and support of the franchisor and fellow franchisees so that she is not left entirely alone in the business.

By Diana Williams, founder and executive chairperson, Fernwood Women's Health Clubs