Gender a key inhibitor to career advancement

by 03 Apr 2007

TWENTY-SIX per cent of women around the globe have cited gender as the primary reason for not advancing in their careers, as opposed to only 4 per cent of men. According to a recent study of more than 2,200 executives across 13 countries, women claimed internal factors (who they are) as the barriers to their advancement, while men were significantly more likely to point to external factors (what happens to them). Men (20 per cent) were more likely than women (14 per cent) to cite an economic downturn or company downsizing as a hurdle as well as bad luck (17 per cent of men compared to 12 per cent of women). Results showed that 50 per cent of male respondents said they advanced faster than their male counterparts but only 37 per cent of female respondents felt they had advanced faster than their male colleagues.

Source: Accenture