• Limiting our life choices makes us less adaptable to a changing society by

    Many people would argue that the battle for equality in the workplace is won. Yet despite the advances in society, women still shoulder most of the responsibility for home and family. How women respond to this challenge, and how they perceive success will largely depend on the choices they have made and the experience of their lives, their childhood upbringing, the people they have met, where they have worked and their cultural background

  • Women winning at diversity by

    The University of South Australia has received recognition through winning national awards at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Business Council of Australia National Work and Family Awards, the 2006 Diversity@work awards and the Equal Opportunity in the Workplace Agency (EOWA) Awards, the latter being fro employer of choice for women in the workplace

  • How to … have a coaching conversation by

    Women are generally good communicators. We listen well and genuinely want to know what is affecting a person’s ability to reach their potential. It is the desire to help people grow that makes a great leader, not just a good one.

  • Women caught in work life juggling act by

    Younger women graduates are opting out of a role in the workforce in favour of full-time domestic duties. According to Gemma Avon, a LINK Recruitment business manager, anecdotal evidence reveals a significant number of women are deciding against pursuing full-time work with perceptions of inflexible and unrewarding career options on offer in the current marketplace

  • How to … seize recognition by

    If you’re reading this first sentence, then congratulations! Chances are you’ve broken away from the reticence so many women carry with them that they either cannot or should not be recognised for their achievements, or worse, that if they do seek recognition, they won’t be liked

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