• Pay inequity persists in the workplace by

    In 1969, the Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Commission handed down its first ‘equal pay for equal work’ decision. The effect of this historic decision was to grant women the right to the same pay as their male colleagues for comparable work

  • Gender a key inhibitor to career advancement by

    TWENTY-SIX per cent of women around the globe have cited gender as the primary reason for not advancing in their careers, as opposed to only 4 per cent of men

  • How to … support other women at work by

    Increasingly, women are faced with a struggle in the workplace, and this time it’s not the glass ceiling.Whilst women helping women in the workplace sounds as natural as a honey and oatmeal facemask, it’s become an issue that has highlighted the gender inequality that can be so omnipresent within work environments

  • Women, babies, families and business can work by

    I would like to encourage women that rearing a family, large or small and working in business is possible

  • How to … be yourself at work by

    Struggling to be authentic and have a successful career can create much stress and unhappiness. These days low employee engagement scores and levels of ‘presenteeism’ at work are quite regularly reported

  • How to … get the balance right by

    Did you spend 2006 taking work home on the weekend? Did you wish you had more time with your partner? Were you even thinking about work over the Christmas break?If you answered yes to any of the above, then you’re probably bursting with one final question: how can I get the balance right in the coming year?

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