• Most inclusive LGBT employer named by HCA

    As the leading awards night for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and trans-gender employers got underway last week, the business case for heightening support for the LGBT community has been put firmly under the spotlight – and the results may surprise you.

  • It’s good for business but women shut out of senior management by HCA

    It’s may be a classic case of the emperor having no clothes, but even that isn’t stopping Australian CEO’s saying no to women.

  • Mature age workers: Added extras at no extra cost! by

    Why is it that when it comes to employing skilled and experienced staff with added skills, knowledge and experience at no extra cost – so many employers baulk? Ron Browne calls for some positive action to reverse the myths around mature age workers.

  • Working Mother’s day highlights work to be done by HCA

    While yesterday marked a celebration of motherhood, today has been dubbed ‘Working Mother’s day’ by a leading consultancy in order to highlight the inequalities that still exist in the workforce.

  • HR overlooks applicants with non-western names by Stephanie Zillman

    The Australian Human Rights Commission has said there is a growing trend of immigrants adopting Western names in the hope it will get them hired.

  • There is hope for our “national shame” by

    While there is still much to be done to improve employment opportunities for people with disability, there are already brilliant success stories. Anita Le Lay outlines how one company has benefitted from embracing a more diverse hiring strategy.

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