Change Management

  • Succession planning rated top concern by

    Succession planning and strengthening the leadership pipeline are the top talent concerns for corporate executives throughout the Asia-Pacific-Asia region, according to a new study.

  • Dealing with the angry employee by

    Every workplace has at least one employee who seems perpetually angry. Although this is often not a result of anything the employer has done, it is left to managers to pick up the pieces following their tirades. Tammy Tansley provides her tips to do it better.

  • Can business values drive better decisions? by

    Yes, but a change in thinking is needed, writes Christopher J Tipler.

  • HR in the driver’s seat of change by HCA

    HR professionals are better equipped than ever to shape the businesses they work in, despite the monumental economic and leadership challenges they face, according to opinions shared at an annual HR conference and exhibition held in the UK.

  • Hot performance tip: Leading change by

    In this month's hot performance tip, Andrew Horsfield outlines five essential elements that need to be addressed if any change effort is going to be successful.

  • Clarity of Purpose by

    How can mission statements mean more than words on a poster? Kate Messenger provides an example of how to bring clarity of purpose to a job role, with the end result being excellent customer service.

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