Change Management

  • Bullying culture rife, public servants say by Stephanie Zillman

    A ‘warts and all’ look into the NSW public sector has uncovered a culture rife with bullying – so what, or who is to blame?

  • Sexual harassment alive and well in Aussie workplaces by Stephanie Zillman

    More than two years on from the landmark David Jones and Kristy Fraser-Kirk case, a damning new report out today shows sexual harassment is still widespread in Australian workplaces.

  • Sink or swim: HR must adapt to new project-based workforce by Stephanie Zillman

    Juggling headcount is never an exact science, but as project-based work becomes the norm HR must find new ways to manage employee workloads or risk a burnt-out workforce.

  • Major failure on change initiatives - what's going on? by Human Capital

    Has your change initiative come undone? You are not alone. Only 38% of employees believe that major change initiatives within their organisation are well managed and help the organisation to deliver better business results, according to a recent study.

  • Redundancy misfire: Communicating to the survivors by HCA

    Amid widespread redundancies, for the ‘survivors’ of the action there needs to be strategies and measures in place to restore the workplace back to its previous state, or at least a state of optimum productivity and engagement.

  • HR in the driver’s seat of cultural direction by Human Capital

    An interesting development in the HR community is the appointment of a ‘director of people and culture’ at News Limited – touted by the Australian CEO to institute a program of cultural change.

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