• CFMEU fined after threatening “war” by Chloe Taylor

    The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union and several of its members have been found in contempt of court after breaching an injunction.

  • Australian jobseekers among most likely liars in Asia-Pacific by Chloe Taylor

    Background screenings have found that Australian candidates are some of the most likely in the Asia-Pacific region to be caught lying to secure a job – are your candidates lying to you?

  • Tall CV tales in Asia-Pacific by Hannah Norton

    What is the most common thing APAC jobseekers embellish on their CV?

  • The business of design by Iain Hopkins

    Look around your office. How many desks sit empty? With telework taking off, studies have shown that, on occasion, just 50% of desks are ever occupied. Beyond having flashy corporate HQs, it might be time to focus on making the space support the business and the people working within it, as Iain Hopkins discovers

  • How credible is voluntary work as experience? by Chloe Taylor

    This week is National Volunteer Week – are you under or over appreciating voluntary work’s value?

  • Financial phrases every HR pro should know by Nicola Middlemiss

    HR managers will never progress to the C-suite if they can’t hold their own with the CFO – can you?

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