• Payroll: Over, under or just right? by HCA

    As countless high-profile cases have proven, there is no such thing as ‘near enough is good enough’ with payroll. Here’s what your organisation can do to avoid costly errors.

  • RIP performance appraisal? by HCA

    HC Online chats to Michael Minns, who founded Michael Minns Human Resources in 1983; he believes that the time has come for performance appraisal to be scrapped.

  • How to choose the right mentor for YOU by External

    Anyone can find a mentor, but will they be suitable for what you need right now? Stacey Ashley provides some tips.

  • Five steps for a smooth separation process by External

    Managing career transition is an unfortunate but necessary skill for all HR practitioners to master. Christopher Paterson provides his tips for smoothing the way.

  • Opinion: Can an employee be dismissed for misconduct following a work function? by External

    Lawyers from Landers & Rogers reflect upon a recent decision from the Fair Work Commission which caused a stir in the world of employment law.

  • What you can do to support carers in your workplace by External

    Supporting carers to balance work and care is rapidly becoming one of the most critical social and workplace issues of this generation. Timothy Broady and Katherine Stone provide some tips for employers on how to manage all staff with carer responsibilities.

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