• Widening the net for good graduates by

    Finding suitably qualified and skilled graduates is becoming increasingly challenging and competitive. We have traditionally used academic results to shortlist the best candidates from a large pool of graduate applications. What other methods can we use to ensure we are capturing the top candidates, without increasing time-to-hire?

  • Reinforcing change through 360-degree feedback by

    Last year our managers all went through a 360-degree feedback process. It was well received but how can we ensure that in this next cycle they actually commit to and make some positive behavioural changes that benefit them and the organisation?

  • Skills shortage comes back to bite by

    The shortage of skilled labour is one of the biggest challenges facing Australian business today. Many surveys have consistently shown for a number of years that the availability of suitably qualified employees is one of the most significant constraints on the future investment plans of Australian business

  • Getting with the game plan by

    Coaching is a burgeoning practice within many businesses. Craig Donaldson looks at some of the latest developments and examines how HR professionals can ensure their business derives the most benefit from coaching

  • Women caught in work life juggling act by

    Younger women graduates are opting out of a role in the workforce in favour of full-time domestic duties. According to Gemma Avon, a LINK Recruitment business manager, anecdotal evidence reveals a significant number of women are deciding against pursuing full-time work with perceptions of inflexible and unrewarding career options on offer in the current marketplace

  • How to … seize recognition by

    If you’re reading this first sentence, then congratulations! Chances are you’ve broken away from the reticence so many women carry with them that they either cannot or should not be recognised for their achievements, or worse, that if they do seek recognition, they won’t be liked

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