• Managing the virtual global workforce, part 2 by

    As the war for talent grows increasingly global, companies will need to find and retain managers with key skills in leading remote virtual teams. Allan Schweyer reports

  • On a pay roll by

    With almost 50 payroll system solutions available in Australia, many organisations have turned to technology to streamline their payroll. Teresa Russell talks with three companies about their diverse payroll needs and a panel of experts who discuss recent trends and the issues facing payroll managers over the next few years

  • Decoding WorkChoices by

    In the Bible’s book of Genesis, a united humanity builds the Tower of Babel as a mark of human achievement. Upon seeing these efforts, God is angered as he believes that these people are attempting to make a name for themselves, which of course means that they are not worshipping Him.

  • HR on the operating table by

    HR has often been criticised for failing to understand the priorities of a business and its managers at an operational level. Craig Donaldson speaks with a number of chief operating officers about this issue and examines what HR can do in order to make a more effective contribution at this level

  • Time for HR to reflect on its image problem by

    Take a long, hard look at yourself. According to exclusive research from the UK’s Personnel Today, HR and its stakeholders have very different ideas about the value HR adds to the business. Rob Willock reports

  • Shades of grey by

    When around one quarter of applicants either massage the truth or lie outright in their CVs, how can you be sure that the top candidates for any position really have done all they say they have? Teresa Russell reports

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