• The Corporate Communicator by

    Everyone has a phobia to some degree. A fear of heights (acrophobia), a fear of aeroplane travel (aerophobia) or a fear of spiders (arachnophobia). It’s easy to understand why we may be fearful of such things, because physical harm or death may eventuate – even though the probability of this is extremely low.

  • Benefits derived from a corporate medical assessment by

    So, you feel really well? Full of zest and enthusiasm? Or, are you pessimistic about your wellbeing – with each little body discomfort posing a threat to your longevity?

  • HR’s burning issues by

    Human Resources magazine’s study of the top ASX-listed companies in Australia has shed light on some of the hot issues for HR professionals. In the first of a three part series, Craig Donaldson looks at some of the major HR challenges for corporate Australia and examines some of the solutions

  • Getting off the affluenza treadmill by

    While industrial relations changes have increased stress levels for Australia’s casual employees, many of Australia’s most highly skilled and sought-after workers also feel trapped in unhealthy conditions, according to one of the country’s leading workplace health experts

  • Super performance foods: maximising work performance through diet by

    As well as achieving a healthy weight, research shows that the right diet can have a significant impact on your work performance by boosting your vitality, immunity and energy levels. Plus the new exciting area of study is focused on super foods for maximum brain performance

  • Back to HR basics by

    HR needs to get back to basics in order to be effective. Craig Donaldson speaks with Coates Hire CEO Malcolm Jackman about what it takes in order for HR to be an effective business partner

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