• Riding the waves of change by

    So, we’ve reached the end of yet another fun year, and it’s been an interesting time for HR. WorkChoices in all its glorious clarity came into effect, with a lot of predictable fanfare from the Federal Government and harping from the unions. Some businesses took the bull by horns, but most sat on the sidelines and scratched their heads in confusion. Similar to the US Government’s initial ‘shock and awe’ campaign in Iraq, the rollout of WorkChoices could have been mistaken for a ‘confuse and confound’ campaign across most businesses in Australia

  • Putting on the IT hat by

    HR and IT are not that dissimilar in some ways, however, there are a number of areas where HR can better partner with IT within many companies. Craig Donaldson speaks with a number of CIOs about these areas and how HR can make a more meaningful contribution to the IT function

  • Giving up on AHRI by

    I am not sure why but I felt the need to comment on Janine Walker’s opinion-based article, “Why I have given up on AHRI” (Issue 115, 17 October 2006, p10), as I agree with her wholeheartedly and find AHRI very frustrating. I too have not renewed my membership this year. I saw no value in it – the website is poor, the magazines are full of articles aimed at HR students and their events and functions are getting worse

  • Women winning at diversity by

    The University of South Australia has received recognition through winning national awards at the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Business Council of Australia National Work and Family Awards, the 2006 Diversity@work awards and the Equal Opportunity in the Workplace Agency (EOWA) Awards, the latter being fro employer of choice for women in the workplace

  • How to … have a coaching conversation by

    Women are generally good communicators. We listen well and genuinely want to know what is affecting a person’s ability to reach their potential. It is the desire to help people grow that makes a great leader, not just a good one.

  • Passion Maps by

    I remember seeing a newspaper cartoon when I was a child. It depicted a small army of grey-suited men trudging to their city offices on a Monday morning. These men all had the same downtrodden expressions on their face, the same depressed hanging of the head, and the same despondent shuffling of the shoes on their way to work. I thought to myself at the time, “Why would you? Why would you get out of bed for anything other than something you love?”

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