• Limiting our life choices makes us less adaptable to a changing society by

    Many people would argue that the battle for equality in the workplace is won. Yet despite the advances in society, women still shoulder most of the responsibility for home and family. How women respond to this challenge, and how they perceive success will largely depend on the choices they have made and the experience of their lives, their childhood upbringing, the people they have met, where they have worked and their cultural background

  • Genuine operational reasons are genuine by

    As Human Resources magazine was going to press, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) handed down a decision clarifying just what genuine operational reasons are when it comes to dismissing staff under WorkChoices

  • New Editorial Board About The Hot HR Issues for 2007 by

    Melissa Yen speaks with some members of Human Resources magazine’s new editorial board about the hot HR issues for 2007

  • Business outlook for 2007 by

    2007 will present business with a number of evolving and complex challenges. Craig Donaldson speaks with IBISWorld chairman Phil Ruthven about these challenges and related issues for HR

  • Investing in people: convincing the CFO by

    There is compelling evidence of links between investments in human capital and performance and profit. Allan Schweyer reports

  • Buoyant HR job market ahead by

    2007 is shaping up to be a good year for HR jobs. Craig Donaldson speaks with a number of experts about the latest trends and how HR professionals can make the most of career opportunities over the coming year

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