• Making talent management a reality by

    Talent management is an oft-abused catchphrase for HR professionals, but converting the rhetoric into reality often proves challenging. What are the key elements of a good talent management strategy? Angus Kidman reports

  • What do executives really think of HR? by

    The value and perspective of HR varies from business to business. Craig Donaldson speaks with Doug Simpson, managing partner of finance and performance management at Ernst & Young to gain insight into his impressions of the HR function

  • Trimming the fat by

    When research shows that obese employees have higher rates of absenteeism than their non-obese counterparts, it seems obvious that employers should encourage employees to lose weight. Teresa Russell talks with two organisations that have introduced weight loss programs and helped staff lose tonnes of weight – literally

  • Influence and negotiation skills for the new workplace by

    There can be no argument against people’s desire to master the art of persuasion and the power of influence – it is what makes great leaders and is a highly sought after skill by executives and managers alike. So how does one steer a successful negotiation? What tools are required? And just what is the difference between influencing and negotiating? Of all these questions, one thing remains certain: both demand a structured approach.

  • Growing the Google talent machine by

    Google is one of the most innovative recruiting organisations on the planet. In light of recent global initiatives, John Sullivan takes another look inside the Google talent machine and explores its world-class practices

  • How to … get the balance right by

    Did you spend 2006 taking work home on the weekend? Did you wish you had more time with your partner? Were you even thinking about work over the Christmas break?If you answered yes to any of the above, then you’re probably bursting with one final question: how can I get the balance right in the coming year?

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