• Discovering the Y in generation gaps by

    The need to attract and retain good employees is increasingly important given a diminishing pool of skill and a war for talent. Melissa Yen looks at the impact of generational issues and how companies are coming to terms with demands from generation Y

  • Serenity in the workplace now by

    Disputes don’t just cost organisations large amounts of money – they can also have a negative impact on brand loyalty, workforce morale, productivity, shareholder confidence and staff turnover. Teresa Russell talks with workplace mediation experts about the value of alternative dispute resolution systems in the wake of WorkChoices

  • How technology keeps payroll rolling by

    Whether in-house or outsourced, payroll systems are one of the most crucially scrutinised elements of any company. Management wants maximum efficiency at minimum cost, while employees want to be paid the proper amount at the correct time. Angus Kidman examines how technology is helping to keep payroll systems running smoothly in an era of ever-changing requirements

  • Delivering business goods by

    HR needs to take a few key steps in order to partner effectively with businesses. Melissa Yen speaks with Todd Smith, CFO of GE Commercial Finance, Australia/NZ, about these steps and how HR can deliver on executive expectations

  • Women, babies, families and business can work by

    I would like to encourage women that rearing a family, large or small and working in business is possible

  • How to … be yourself at work by

    Struggling to be authentic and have a successful career can create much stress and unhappiness. These days low employee engagement scores and levels of ‘presenteeism’ at work are quite regularly reported

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