• Australian HR conferences by

    HR and people management conferences, events and seminars

  • The politics of election by

    Election years are always great for editorial. Behind the din of name calling and constant questioning of credibility, a more interesting debate has been going on and it’s of relevance to HR practitioners

  • The Corporate Communicator by

    Everyone has a phobia to some degree. A fear of heights (acrophobia), a fear of aeroplane travel (aerophobia) or a fear of spiders (arachnophobia). It’s easy to understand why we may be fearful of such things, because physical harm or death may eventuate – even though the probability of this is extremely low.

  • Benefits derived from a corporate medical assessment by

    So, you feel really well? Full of zest and enthusiasm? Or, are you pessimistic about your wellbeing – with each little body discomfort posing a threat to your longevity?

  • HR’s burning issues by

    Human Resources magazine’s study of the top ASX-listed companies in Australia has shed light on some of the hot issues for HR professionals. In the first of a three part series, Craig Donaldson looks at some of the major HR challenges for corporate Australia and examines some of the solutions

  • Getting off the affluenza treadmill by

    While industrial relations changes have increased stress levels for Australia’s casual employees, many of Australia’s most highly skilled and sought-after workers also feel trapped in unhealthy conditions, according to one of the country’s leading workplace health experts

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