• Spreading the word on OHS by

    There has been a significant increase in legislative requirements for employers to provide employee OHS awareness and training. Carole Goldsmith speaks with a number of training professionals about the best ways to spread the word on OHS

  • Recruiting top notch OHS professionals by

    Demand for good OHS professionals has increased significantly in recent times. Duane Tonkin, managing director of the National Safety Group, looks at some strategies for attracting and retaining good OHS professionals

  • How to … support other women at work by

    Increasingly, women are faced with a struggle in the workplace, and this time it’s not the glass ceiling.Whilst women helping women in the workplace sounds as natural as a honey and oatmeal facemask, it’s become an issue that has highlighted the gender inequality that can be so omnipresent within work environments

  • Minimising employers’ liability for prior employment injuries by

    Reducing workers compensation costs is a challenge for many companies and their HR departments. WorkplaceOHS Publishers looks at some strategies to reduce such costs and examines how companies can nip OHS issues in the bud

  • The global hunt for talent by

    Opportunities to work overseas are increasing rapidly as the global search for talent rises. Carole Goldsmith speaks with a number of seasoned professionals about trends in the international talent marketplace and their experiences working overseas

  • Self-service with a smile by

    The benefits of online employee self-service systems are manifest and obvious, but careful planning is still required to ensure the software delivers on its promise to free up more time for strategic business development activities. What are the real world lessons that can be learnt from such deployments, and what cost savings and benefits can be achieved? Angus Kidman reports

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