• Manager skills update by

    In the ever-evolving role of the manager, the current skills shortage has cast leadership ability into even sharper focus. Melissa Yen looks into what some experts are saying modern-day leaders needs to include in their kit bags

  • Improving leadership by

    Keeping on top of business is a challenge for many executives. Melissa Yen looks at resources that all leaders can learn from when it comes to maximising their potential

  • Recruiting and retaining older workers by

    We live in the best of times. Despite the daily bombardment of bad news from the media, we’re safer than ever before, we live longer and healthier lives, we’re better educated and more affluent

  • Pay inequity persists in the workplace by

    In 1969, the Commonwealth Conciliation and Arbitration Commission handed down its first ‘equal pay for equal work’ decision. The effect of this historic decision was to grant women the right to the same pay as their male colleagues for comparable work

  • The business perils of HR jargon by

    In the last issue of Human Resources magazine, we featured an interview with Malcolm Jackman, CEO of Coates Hire. Jackman lamented the fact that “People intellectualise HR way, way too much” and that “HR is full of bloody jargon.”

  • Gender a key inhibitor to career advancement by

    TWENTY-SIX per cent of women around the globe have cited gender as the primary reason for not advancing in their careers, as opposed to only 4 per cent of men

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