• Trust can’t be bought back by

    If ever the importance of workplace trust was in doubt, the damage done to the Qantas brand during its most recent industrial dispute has solidified its place on the HR radar.

  • Urgent action needed on skills shortage by

    Industries in the firing line of the skills shortage are being urged to take preventative measures to safeguard their supply of workers, and according to a new research paper the future reality will see a plethora of unfilled jobs.

  • Frontline Intelligence: Instep - success in regional roles by

    Adam Wilson provides a how-to guide for HR professionals looking to succeed in regional roles.

  • HR and the cloud: A burgeoning trend for 2012 by

    Cloud computing is changing the face of HR, and according to new research, is enabling even small organisations to operate on a global scale.

  • Employee absences decrease by

    For the first time in 3 years, the rate of employee absence has decreased - workers have taken off an average of half a day less than in previous years.

  • Supporting army reservists by

    To maximise engagement and communicate corporate values, many organisations are considering the benefits of using external activities of staff to expand the skill-sets of their workforce outside traditional modes of workplace learning and development.

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