• Maximise benefits of conflict resolution by

    A recent study has revealed that 98% of HR leaders are charged with handling conflict at work, and business environments with heightened instances of conflict experience greater turnover, increased sick leave and absenteeism, unproductive use of valuable time and increased legal costs.

  • What’s driving motivation? by

    The landscape of employee retention is shifting worldwide, and according to new research, more workers are currently looking to leave their organisation due to a ‘what am I getting’ mindset.

  • Candidate miscommunication a case for Fair Work by

    An unfair dismissal claim brought before Fair Work Australia (FWA) from an employee who claimed she was misled about the permanent status of a role has highlighted the need for employers and recruiters to be meticulous when checking the details of candidate correspondence.

  • New era of team building needed by HCA

    While HR continues to invest in team building exercises, a new study has shown that many programs miss the mark when it comes to improving engagement, workplace relationships, communication and motivation.

  • Frontline Intelligence: Legal Experts - drugs and alcohol at work by

    Michelle Wright outlines the legal ins and outs of drug and alcohol testing at work.

  • Career development a shared responsibility by

    Women need to be afforded the chance to actively communicate their career aspirations at work through ‘360 degree’ transparent conversations, according to workplace consultants.

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