• Social media: Overanalysed...but underutilised? by

    Social media is being lauded as a tool with which HR professionals can engage with past, current and future employees, and is simultaneously being derided as a waste of employees' productive time. David Owens explores the way forward.

  • ‘Do more rather than less’: New OHS laws by HCA

    Organisations must focus on improving their communication between internal departments if they are to successfully meet the new OHS laws which will take effect on 1 January 2012.

  • Gen Y jobs experience turnaround by

    After experiencing one of the worst unemployment rates, Gen Y has now recorded the strongest employment growth over the last two year period, according to the latest jobs figures.

  • The boomerang effect: Should you rehire? by Stephanie Zillman

    Welcoming back former employees can be a smart move, and may be the answer to filling managerial positions during the tightening of the skills shortage, but only under the right circumstances.

  • Work-life balance policies a recruitment strategy by Iain Hopkins

    Financial services has been named as a sector that has been slow to incorporate flexible work options for its employees, according to financial services HR managers a recent roundtable.

  • Hiring contractors in 2012: The top five tips HR should know by

    Matthew Franceschini explains the top five tips that you need to know to establish smooth running, profitable and enjoyable relationships with your white collar contractors in the year ahead.

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