• Good grooming offsets pay disadvantage of being unattractive by

    A warning goes out to any movember-sters thinking they may let their mo grow wild and woolly beyond the end of the campaign which wraps on Thursday – good grooming generates a wage premium of 4% to 5% for young men who are well groomed.

  • Flirting with trouble: Fine line of social media screening by

    According to new research more than a quarter of Australian employers use social networking sites to ‘screen’ job candidates – and almost half admitted to turning down a candidate based on their Facebook or Twitter content.

  • The good life is downunder by Iain Hopkins

    A new survey has confirmed what locals already know – Australia is a great place to live, and the Asia-Pacific region overall offers an internationally recognised high standard of living.

  • Cost of business travel set to rise by

    Business travel in Asia is set to become more expensive next year due to the region’s strong economies, according to a survey by American Express.

  • Work dispute ends in tragedy by HCA

    A HR manager has been murdered in Thailand after the escalation of a work dispute.

  • Employers offering 4% pay increase in two-speed economy by HCA

    Australian employers have offered employees a median 4% pay increase in the 12 months ending in July this year, compared to 3.5% in the previous 12 month period.

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