• Clock off on time day indicative of wider problem by

    For the third year running, unions have declared today Go Home on Time Day – however the day, and message, is likely to be largely ignored by employees and employers alike because Australians are working longer hours than ever before.

  • Aim for a roast, not a roasting this Christmas by

    As the December social calendar fills up with Christmas parties, leading workplace consultants have warned that the risks presented by unregulated online chatter by employees should not be underestimated.

  • Commissioner says age crisis preventable by

    The recently appointed Age Discrimination Commissioner, Susan Ryan, has said that organisations are under employing older people at the expense of business productivity.

  • Long commute may increase absenteeism by HCA

    New research has revealed a link between absenteeism and the length of employees’ commute – and if you’re lucky enough employ a workforce who lives just around the corner, you’ll see a 16% drop in absenteeism.

  • Candid CEO admits to pinching local workforce by HCA

    Mining company Xstrata has said there has been a 20% increase in the number of workers choosing to live in north-west Queensland.

  • Good grooming offsets pay disadvantage of being unattractive by

    A warning goes out to any movember-sters thinking they may let their mo grow wild and woolly beyond the end of the campaign which wraps on Thursday – good grooming generates a wage premium of 4% to 5% for young men who are well groomed.

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