• Transition planning part of the bottom line by

    Australian organisations must ensure they have a clearly defined strategy for supporting the transition to retirement, because forward planning allows for a transfer of knowledge, maximised productivity and longer retention of mature-age employees.

  • Navigating public holidays by

    The upcoming spate of public holidays may mean turkey, presents and fireworks for some - but for many Australian organisations it will be business as usual.

  • Technology Insight: The rise of the tablet by

    From the bedroom, to the boardroom, to the highest office in government, the tablet is radically changing our relationship with technology and how we consume information. Ari Kopoulos outlines how employers should be making the most of it.

  • The future is here: Fingerprint scanning crackdown by

    Some of Australia’s biggest retailers and manufacturers are rolling out state of the art fingerprint scanning technology to record employees’ clock in and out times.

  • Most Australian professionals are ‘Creative’ by

    According to a new survey, the number one most overused word used by Australian professionals to describe themselves is ‘creative’, followed closely by ‘extensive experience’ and ‘effective’.

  • FWA accepts new leave arrangement by

    In a significant decision that changes the interpretation of the National Employment Standards (NES), Fair Work Australia (FWA) has determined that so-called ‘loaded hourly rates’ in lieu of ‘paid’ annual and personal leave will be permitted in new Enterprise Agreements.

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