• Double-check you’re not underpaying staff or risk FWO wrath by

    An official audit conducted by the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has found that more than a quarter of Australian retailers have been underpaying their staff by failing to record their hours and rate of pay correctly.

  • Disclosure of civil law breaches in question by

    The latest public gaffe by Queensland’s troubled Department of Health has raised questions over whether civil law breaches should be more closely scrutinised in the pre-employment screening stage.

  • Young workers break the rules by

    The employment of young and future employees is the single biggest challenge facing the workplace, a recent Cisco report has revealed.

  • HR and IT: Should they co-operate, or collaborate? by

    As technology permeates the workplace, Scott Mason writes that HR and IT need to become allies if organisations are to successfully navigate the changing way we work.

  • Do your 2012 grads seem like aliens? by

    The beginning of the New Year brings the annual class of graduates starting in programs throughout Australia – but industry professionals have warned employers not to be surprised by Gen Y’s struggle to separate their professional and social lives.

  • Employees need top-down policies to resist tech deluge by

    The mountain of inefficiently handled data received by corporate information systems is silently killing productivity and comes at a cost of $3bn a year, a new report has found.

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