• Contractor tax obligations by

    As Sue Williamson explains, the cost of getting the classification of contractors wrong is high and anyone with contractors on their books needs to make sure that they have been correctly classified for tax, superannuation and fair work purposes.

  • A sneeze here and there spells absenteeism galore by

    In the peak of cold and flu season, many employees may hide at their desks to avoid coughing and sneezing co-workers, yet leading health experts say that could be the very place that makes them sick.

  • Employers urged to address leave liability by

    Australian workers have amassed 129 million days of annual leave worth $40bn in wages, and no one wins when it comes to untaken leave.

  • Succession planning rated top concern by

    Succession planning and strengthening the leadership pipeline are the top talent concerns for corporate executives throughout the Asia-Pacific-Asia region, according to a new study.

  • Older workers discriminated against, worried about super by

    A new survey has found that older workers are more likely to experience some form of discrimination at work, including being made redundant before others, fewer training and development opportunities, inflexibility towards health and physical needs, and even verbal abuse.

  • Career development – the benefits of getting it right by

    formal career discussions between employees and their immediate managers remain a rarity for many organisations, Yu Dan Shi reveals what's involved in setting up an effective career development process.

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