• Looking for trouble by External

    Gary Taylor questions the relevance of the sudden urge to check candidate profiles on social media during the reference checking process

  • It's a living thing by External

    Far from being like a machine, the modern business is more akin to a living organism. It is the connections between employees, the cells of the organism, which determine whether it thrives or perishes. Mike Handes outlines why social media forces HR to prioritise this technology shift

  • Make telework work by Human Capital

    Ninety per cent of work-from-home offices are set up badly, resulting in possible risks to employee health and increases in workers’ comp claims. Kate Aubusson explores how organisations can protect their work-from-home employees and their bottom line

  • Safety First by

    How important is risk perception to safety culture? Ros Burke says the management of safety should be handled in the same systematic way employers manage their finances – using a structured risk management approach that is auditable, reproducible and measurable

  • Frontline Intelligence: Instep - Business acumen here to stay by

    What do business leaders expect from their HR function? Kate Henderson outlines what skills early HR career professionals need to work on to stay ahead of the pack.

  • Landmark decision means employers must implement pay increase for 150,000 workers by

    Fair Work Australia (FWA) announced yesterday that private-sector employers in the social and community services (SACS) industry will be hit with a wage increase requirement ranging from 19% to 41% to be phased in over the next eight years via the industry modern award.

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