• Offshoring the result of “poor HR leadership”: Minister by

    Business leaders have issued a stern response to comments by employment and workplace relations minister Bill Shorten, who said yesterday that the tide of off-shoring is a band-aid response to the high cost of doing business in Australia, and organisations could get better productivity by retaining their workers long-term.

  • Tasty way to promote diversity by

    Next month lunch rooms across Australia will come alive as workers delight in sharing the foods from their cultural background with their colleagues as part of a national campaign promoting diversity.

  • If you don’t have an employee wellness framework, you’re not an employer of choice by

    Sickies, low productivity, workflow interruptions … the indirect costs of poor employee health are many and varied, and it’s the employer that cops it. In the fight to bolster engagement and reduce absenteeism, the latest initiative being used by employers is to increase their ‘corporate wellness’.

  • Focus on absenteeism: know the facts by

    A common issue posed to Australian HR professionals and workplace consultants is in relation to best practice for managing personal leave entitlements, and more specifically those who obviously use their sick/carer’s leave as it accrues.

  • Over the hill and far away? Not on your nellie by

    Why is age discrimination still happening to such a large extent? Nareen Young writes that although negative stereotypes are still having an impact the time has come to explode myths about older workers.

  • Flexibility clauses dubbed a “sham” by

    The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has come under fire from industry groups for failing to properly oversee the administration of flexibility clauses in the Fair Work Act. The bottom line is that small and medium-sized businesses need more guidance.

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