• First day on the job key to long-term retention by

    If the first day for a new employee entering your organisation consists of being shown to a desk and handed a 500-page company manual to read, you are sending a clear message you don’t care about keeping them. The induction or orientation process for a new employee, or onboarding in HR terms, is key to ensuring their success and retention in the role.

  • Fitness = productivity, so how do you make it happen? by Human Capital

    Healthy body, healthy mind is getting scientific backing. How can you encourage your staff to embrace the concept?

  • Worker fatigue “epidemic”? by

    New research from a leading university has suggested that Australian workers, especially parents, are suffering from an “unrecognised epidemic” of fatigue and exhaustion.

  • Making a redundancy? Redeployment might be better by

    Against a shaky economic backdrop, redundancies are never too far from HR’s agenda. But when faced with the need to dissolve a role, HR must ensure the focus is on redeployment and retention wherever possible.

  • Non-standard rewards schemes Part I: Bonus annual leave on birthdays by

    If your organisation provides a cake for employee birthdays, you may think you’ve got your bases covered … but think again. The new trend is to offer employees their birthday off as bonus annual leave.

  • Investing in employee health does deliver a return by

    Teasing out the business case from the warm and fuzzy factors related to employee wellness has never been more important, writes Mark Cassidy.

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