• First aid: Make sure your boxes are ticked by

    Given that every workplace situation is different, it is up to HR to determine the acceptable ratio of first aid officers to employees, and they should consider a number of criteria in the risk assessment phase.

  • Taking pride in diversity by

    Dawn Hough outlines the business case for employers to be fully inclusive and supportive of LGBT staff.

  • Get into social media or limit your career potential by Stephanie Zillman

    While inappropriate online activity has been the undoing of countless professionals out there, many more have actually enhanced their careers by careful and strategic use of social media.

  • Skills shortage a headache? New visa rules may help by

    The immigration department has announced a new “fast-tracked” system for employer-sponsored skilled workers to secure permanent visas. The new system aims to take the sting out of the current complex system and effectively make it easier for employers to entice skilled migrants to stay.

  • Remote bosses: recipe for lower employee engagement? by

    Managers who work remotely are likely to give less feedback, make their employees feel less empowered, and create employees who are less satisfied with their employment than those in the office full-time, according to a new study.

  • Why boardroom diversity matters to business by

    The business case for boardroom diversity has been firmly established and is supported by a growing body of industry research demonstrating links between gender diversity on boards and positive organisational outcomes, according to a peak diversity body.

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