• Budget highlights for HR professionals by HCA

    It’s Federal Budget time again, and amid all the political agendas, it can be difficult to zero-in on what matters strictly to you. HC breaks it down to bring you the industry-specific budget wrap-up.

  • Doubts that older worker bonus will make a difference by HCA

    Despite persistent skills shortages in vital sectors, employers continue to overlook the capabilities of older Australians and business thought leaders fear the $1,000 bonus won’t be enough to shift engrained hiring practices.

  • There is hope for our “national shame” by

    While there is still much to be done to improve employment opportunities for people with disability, there are already brilliant success stories. Anita Le Lay outlines how one company has benefitted from embracing a more diverse hiring strategy.

  • LAFHA changes will burden employers with contract renegotiations by

    The changes to living-away-from-home allowance (LAFHA) tax concessions expected in tonight’s Federal Budget will impose a significant cost burden on both business owners and their employees, a leading tax expert has said.

  • Get your WHS policy up to scratch by Human Capital

    The first company to be convicted and fined for recklessly endangering a worker in Victoria has lost its sentence appeal and has been fined $750,000.

  • Female leadership systematically underestimated by Human Capital

    Contrary to popular belief and even previous studies, researchers have discovered women may actually outperform in areas traditionally considered to be the domain of men.

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