• Most inclusive LGBT employer named by HCA

    As the leading awards night for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and trans-gender employers got underway last week, the business case for heightening support for the LGBT community has been put firmly under the spotlight – and the results may surprise you.

  • Place a bid for your fav candidate by

    In what’s been dubbed eBay for FIFO workers, now HR can simply head online and with a few clicks, place a bid on a candidate.

  • It’s good for business but women shut out of senior management by HCA

    It’s may be a classic case of the emperor having no clothes, but even that isn’t stopping Australian CEO’s saying no to women.

  • Is your CEO on the nose? Expect huge losses by Stephanie Zillman

    New research has revealed startling statistics – having questionable leaders at the helm of your organisation could be putting off investors to the tune of millions.

  • Emotional onboarding: Focus on people not processes by

    How do you create a rapid emotional link with new hires? Kim Seeling Smith suggests the process starts with effective onboarding. She provides her 'how-to' guide to emotional onboarding.

  • Planned cuts to WorkCover by HCA

    Under proposed changes to WorkCover entitlements in NSW, the state government is planning a massive overhaul of workers' compensation entitlements in response to a multi-billion dollar blowout in WorkCover claims.

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