• Unemployment hits 26-year high in US by

    The US unemployment rate surged to 9.7 percent in August, the highest since 1983.

  • Employee benefits programs – making them cost effective by

    Given the current economic climate, how can we improve the value of our employee benefits without a significant increase in costs?

  • The shape of things to come – outsourcing accelerates by

    The recession has taught companies some valuable lessons. Allan Schweyer looks at how the lessons learned will change attitudes towards outsourcing, flexibility and cost-cutting

  • The resume bombardment by

    We are currently getting inundated with unsolicited resumes from people wanting to work with us, some from very talented people. How should we deal with these when we have no immediate opportunities but would welcome them if economic conditions improved?

  • People profit … and how to measure it by

    A company’s employees are typically its largest expense, but often the least measurable when it comes to productivity and profit. Craig Donaldson looks at how HR can help a company measure what an employee is really worth

  • Taking transparency a step too far by

    Despite repeated calls for greater transparency within companies, there are instances in which it is appropriate to mind what you say, writes David Creelman

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