• Don’t fall victim to the winter blues by Stephanie Zillman

    The winter months are known for employee engagement challenges, due in no small part to shorter days, cold and flu, and more time inside.

  • Employees can’t concentrate in cube farms by

    If it’s not a ringing phone, it’s a loud conversation – and while management may spruik the cost effectiveness of cubicle offices, it comes at the cost of a 5-10% decline in productivity.

  • Overseas recruitment burden: Problem solved? by

    Employers looking to recruit overseas workers have welcomed a new government online resource which will link them with talent in their sector.

  • Time to data analyse employees by

    A range of companies have experienced a boost in profitability by using data analysis software to more accurately measure employee success.

  • Offer employees a purpose before promotion by

    If your organisation doesn’t instil a sense of purpose in your employees, offering a promotion will do little to improve engagement and motivation.

  • Making talent metrics count by

    What’s the key to HR becoming a more strategic contributor to business? Peter Howes outlines the increasing importance and sophistication of HR analyrics.

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