• Have you budgeted for minimum wage increases? by Stephanie Zillman

    The annual review of minimum wages is currently underway, and from 1 July minimum wages are likely to increase – is your organisation ready?

  • Avoiding a road to nowhere by Iain Hopkins

    Stop and think – how did you get to where you are? What are your skills now? What do you really want moving forward? We often know what we don’t want, but what we do want is a little harder to determine. It may be time for a refresher course in goal and vision setting

  • Facebook in the workplace – should it be banned? by

    How HR can effectively deal with the contentious issue of staff Facebook browsing in business hours? Rhondda King weighs the pros and the cons.

  • Finding right personality test crucial to hiring success by Caitlin Nobes

    Personality tests are a staple of the hiring process, but using the wrong test wastes your time and the candidates’.

  • The anatomy of a great manager by

    What do great managers do differently? Louise Pope provides some insights.

  • Schoolyard bullies to face job ban by

    Under a new initiative supported by the NSW government, employers will be encouraged to reject job applications from school leavers with a history of bullying.

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