• HR beyond the city limits: Albury City Council by Iain Hopkins

    Metropolitan organisations struggling with the talent shortage should spare a thought for employers located in regional areas. Iain Hopkins talks to one significant regional employer about their unique HR challenges

  • All about you by Iain Hopkins

    We all know the value of branding in the commercial marketing sense. Can the same rules apply to your own personal brand? Iain Hopkins finds out

  • Underemployment of older workers “a waste of human capital” by Stephanie Zillman

    A new report released yesterday has found that organisations continue to exclude older workers and has called for the removal of systematic barriers which have influenced the recruitment choices of employers.

  • Organisation takes employee experience demo to new...depths by Stephanie Zillman

    With the possible exception of NASA, no company had built a replica of workplace conditions. Until now.

  • Traditional CVs not destined for chopping block just yet by Stephanie Zillman

    HR believes the tried and true CV is still the most effective recruitment tool, despite the growing popularity of social media to verify candidates’ information.

  • Innovation in HR technology by

    The battle for the internet’s future is taking place on your tablet and smartphone. As such we can expect to see an evolution of products with more emphasis on connections between people, information, and location. Ari Kopoulos outlines how this translates to innovation in HR technology.

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